Attending the NACS Show: Expense or Investment?

There’s no doubt about it — attending any trade show has a hefty price tag. Between show fees, travel costs, and indirect employee costs, every trade show begs the question, “Will this be an expense or an investment?” For us here at RTO, we understand both sides of the expense vs. investment debate. When it comes to attending the NACS Show, though, it’s an easy decision to make. Historically, attending the NACS Show has brought tremendous value to our organization. It’s truly an investment — in our team, our partners, our clients and in each and every new relationship made on the show room floor.

As the NACS motto says, “Your Success Starts Here.” The value of exhibiting at the NACS show has given us the opportunity to cultivate many relationships and valuable partnerships, including with the NACS organization. That partnership has allowed the launch of NACS e-Learning, a learning management system for NACS members that streamlines the way training is managed and tracked. Come by booth #4628 for a quick demonstration of this valuable tool. And we promise — what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there!!

What Will You Gain at the NACS Show?

Brian Rutter, Vice President of Marketing for NACS, calls attending the NACS Show a “launchpad for the next year’s success and beyond.” Find out more in the video below.