LMS Release 15.1

LMS Releases

Here at RTO®, we’re continually improving our trainingGrid®​ system to give training administrators and users a streamlined learning management experience. The 15.1 release includes these enhancements:

Enhanced Documents Library

These enhancements allow Training Administrators to provide more resources to trainees through:

  • Improving functionality within Documents allowing training administrators to provide more resources to trainees.
  • Optimizing storage and management of company-specific documents and easy file retrieval.
  • Providing trainees with two different search options to easily locate, review, and print documents.

Review Feature

Highlights of this feature include:

  • Allowing trainees to review an entire module or sections of it for maximum learning retention.
  • Giving training administrators control over which modules can be reviewed through collaboration with their account manager. (Please note that the Review feature is not available for some compliance modules and Training Administrators must request the Review function be turned on in their network.)
  • Easy access by trainees through the User Scorecard when the function is active on a module.
  • SCORM compatibility available upon request.

Account Overview

These enhancements allow for easy viewing of account information. Highlights include:

  • Quick access to account information through the My Grid welcome menu.
  • Improving functionality for training administrators to view account information such as Company, Billing, and Subscription.
  • Easy access to contact Account Managers and billing representatives.

Below is a short tutorial that showcases the enhancements made to the Documents Library included in the 15.1 release. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or our Support team at 1-800-786-9545.