February 1, 2016

Love ’em & Lead ’em

What do your employees mean to you? Do you see them as a simple reflection of their timecards – working the swing shift today, off tomorrow – or do you see them as a reflection of yourself? The truth is, you are only as good as your weakest team member. Instead of focusing on what your employees can do for you, think about what you, as a manager and a role model, can do for them.

Aspire to inspire. If you want your employees to bring you their best at work, you need to inspire them to be their best in every aspect of their lives. Get to know your employees, and tailor your leadership style to each individual. One-size-fits-all management doesn’t work. For example, find out how each employee learns most effectively, and make sure you’re providing training opportunities that reach everyone’s learning style. Let employees know you care about their success, then give them the support, environment, and tools they need to get there.

Module of the Month: Importance of Being a Role Model

When Managers set an example for employees by being an excellent role model, they are inspiring respect, harmony and adherence to rules in the workplace.

This module introduces 6 traits Assistant Managers should possess in order to encourage employees and fellow co-workers to follow their lead on important behaviors.

Contact your Account Manager to have this module added to your training network and find out more about our specialist and management training series.

Build Value. See Results.

Once you have found and hired quality people, you are faced with an even bigger challenge — getting them to stay. Since turnover rates are highest among employees who have been on the job for six months or less, it’s important that a new hire’s orientation is organized, well-executed and creates excitement about future opportunities within your company.

Establishing effective development plans and tracking training progress will provide a foundation for each employee to succeed.

Click here for more information about our Career Progression™ curriculum.

Be sure to contact your Account Manager if you have questions about the Career Progression™ curriculum and how you can put it to use in your training program.

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Many of our clients need their employees trained on important topics specific to their businesses. No problem! You can use your Sunhawk X LMS to deliver, assess, and track your custom training content.

RTO’s Custom Training Production team can help you transform your custom content into online training courses, streamlining your overall training program. Contact your RTO Account Manager for information about how our custom training can help you meet your training goals.

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Set Your Leadership Goals

READ: It’s Not All About You

Setting leadership goals is the first step toward being a true leader instead of just a boss. Each of your personal goals should have a direct impact on your staff. This might require you to change the way you look at your relationship with your employees. Instead of thinking about what they should be doing for you, ask yourself what you should be doing for them. Employees in the retail and service industries all want the same things from their managers.

Click here to take a look at READ.

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