January 1, 2016

You’re Perfect the Way You are…Now Change

You may not lose 15 pounds this year, you may not call your mother every week or give up the carbs. But, this is the year that you become the manager — no, the leader — you are destined to become. This is the year you will succeed. Today is the day you begin.

Last month, we asked you take a look at your role from a different perspective. What did you learn? What are your plans for the new year, the new you? On January 1st, you were given the gift of 366 brand new opportunities to improve. (It’s a leap year, so you get a bonus day!) While some of your goals may involve the big picture, many others can be worked on in some way every day. Now is the perfect time of year to take inventory of your priorities, both personally and professionally. We’re glad to be along for the ride, and promise to offer new ideas every month to help you succeed.

Module of the Month: Leading & Motivating

Managers can become successful leaders through practice and effort, increasing their ability to motivate their team to achieve maximum results.

Help your managers become better leaders who will motivate your teams and ensure everyone is reaching their full potential.

Contact your Account Manager to have this module added to your training network and find out more about our specialist and management training series.

Get Them Engaged!

A well-trained, engaged team can give you the edge on your competition. Using the tools included in the Sunhawk LMS will not only increase employee engagement, it will also encourage your trainers and trainees to become active participants in reaching your company’s overall training goals.

OJT & Manager Sign-Off
Success Guide

Be sure to contact your Account Manager if you have questions about how to put these tools to use in your training program.

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Account Managers:
Your Secret to Success

Here at RTO, our goal is to ensure all our clients are using the many features of their LMS to help support their overall training goals. The Account Management team will help you with streamlined reporting, tracking and training results, and many other LMS features that help trainers and managers effectively engage their staff and meet their goals.

If you haven’t yet heard from someone on the Account Management Team, get in touch with your account manager today for your personalized optimization assessment.

New Year. New You.

As you define and refine your training goals for 2016, keep in mind that you can use your Sunhawk X LMS to transform your custom content into online training courses.

RTO’s Custom Training Production team can help you streamline your learning management program with customized modules delivered and tracked through your existing LMS. Contact your RTO Account Manager for information about how our custom training can help you meet your training goals.

In Case You Forgot

Can't find that password? Forgot your username? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The Sunhawk LMS is equipped with a password recovery feature. The links below will walk you through the steps to retrieve a forgotten username or password.

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Set Your Leadership Goals
READ: It’s Not All About You

Setting leadership goals is the first step toward being a true leader instead of just a boss. Each of your personal goals should have a direct impact on your staff. This might require you to change the way you look at your relationship with your employees. Instead of thinking about what they should be doing for you, ask yourself what you should be doing for them. Employees in the retail and service industries all want the same things from their managers.

Click here to take a look at READ.

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