March 1, 2016

You Don’t Need Luck to Find Your Pot of Gold

Looking for the pot of gold in your operation? It’s right in front of you. Every customer who walks through your door creates opportunities for you and your staff to deliver gold star service. Exceptional customer service doesn’t happen by chance, however. It takes great leadership, consistent training, and dedication by your employees. Think of yourself as the creator of the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold. Are you building a path to prosperity for your store?

Positive leadership leads to motivated team members who will treat your customers in a way that inspires loyalty. That’s your competitive advantage. You and your closest competitors are likely to offer the same selection and similar pricing. Service is your invisible product. Exceptional service is what sets you apart from the store down the street, and your people make the difference. When you hire the right employees, commit to training them every day, and lead them with integrity and enthusiasm, your pot of gold will make itself.

Workshop the Month: Customer Service Excellence

According to the American Express Global Customer Service barometer, 78% of consumers have ended a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of poor customer service.

This module teaches employees the basics of outstanding customer service, including welcoming customers, making eye contact, answering customer questions and thanking customers.

Contact your Account Manager to have this module added to your training network and find out more about our specialist and management training series.

Employee Training. Simplified.

A course is a concentrated unit of training curriculum. Each course is segmented into topic-specific workshops, which are further broken down into training modules. You choose the topics to include in each course and workshop, and the structure allows you to segment learning and create workflow and career paths for each role or job title. They are easily customized to fit your specific needs, and can be used to cover the fundamentals, ongoing advanced career training, and even refreshers for your seasoned employees.

Using this system, you are ensuring that your employees are receiving the training they need by establishing specific workshops for each job title and/or role. Implementing training workshops at every level will streamline your employee training and position your team for success.

Contact your Account Manager if you would like more information on setting up and scheduling training workshops that will help improve your overall training process.

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RTO’s Sunhawk X LMS offers a flexible way to customize your training. The Bring Your Own Content feature is an add-on to our web-based learning management system. Combine your custom content with our online modules, or use the RTO system to deliver your in-house produced video, SCORM or other licensed training content.

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Customer Experience: A Quest for Excellence

In a world where we are ambushed with ads, blasted with promises and bombarded with choices, we rarely believe anything that isn’t a “going out of business” sale. Every “customer first,” “high quality,” and “great service” spiel we hear makes us roll our eyes We’re not alone. Our customers are cynical, too, and perhaps worse yet, so are our employees. How do we counter that? With competitors on every corner, how do we stand apart – and above the rest? How do we truly deliver the ultimate customer experience? And what does it look like when we do?

Convince your employees to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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