Skimming Prevention & Detection

Criminals are targeting your customers and your business.
Train your staff to detect and prevent credit card skimming at your location.

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Online Skimming Prevention & Detection Training for Employees and Managers

Your customers use credit or debit cards more than any other payment method. As the reliance on cards increases, so do the chances of card data getting into the wrong hands. Thieves attach skimming devices to fuel pumps, ATMs, self-checkout kiosks, and other point-of-sale units. Skimming can happen anywhere and, when it does, customers not only lose access to their money, they lose faith in the company that allowed it to happen. Bad publicity, potential law suits, and a decrease in customer loyalty can harm a business indefinitely.

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Course Details

The employee version of our Skimming Prevention & Detection course covers the latest information about skimming fraud, as well as best practices to help employees spot potential skimming activities. Real-world scenarios show employees the important role they play in skimming prevention.

Key components covered in this online skimming prevention course:

Definition of skimming
Examples of skimming
Impact of skimming on the company
Employee responsibilities to prevent skimming
Customer concerns about skimming security

Managers have an even greater responsibility to protect customers and the business from skimming fraud. The manager version of our Skimming Prevention & Detection course covers all the basic information of the employee course as well as critical information about managing an anti-skimming program.

Additional key components covered in manager course:

Manager’s responsibility in skimming prevention
Following up with employees on anti-skimming training
Cooperation with local law enforcement agencies
Press and customer concerns about a skimming incident
Recovery after a skimming incident

What Can You Do to Protect Your Business from Skimming?

Your customers aren’t going to stop using credit and debit cards. It’s your job to protect them – and your company – by training your staff on skimming prevention and detection. After all, employees can’t know what to do if they don’t know what to look for. For more information on our Skimming Prevention & Detection online training program, contact us today for a guided demonstration of our branded training suites and state-of-the-art LMS!