Fuel Spill Response Fundamentals

Module Overview

“Gasoline and diesel are toxic and potentially very dangerous
to people and the environment.”

Various fuel spills and leaks can occur at any fuel station. For the safety of everyone at your store, employees must be prepared to respond to fuel spills safely, quickly, and effectively.

This module covers different types of spills, as well as how to properly use PPE and a fuel spill kit.

Employees will also learn how to implement the 4 Cs of responding to fuel spills – Control, Contain, Clean Up, and Communication.

Fuel Spill Response Fundamentals training was developed to provide general guidelines for responding to gas station fuel spill events. These guidelines are comprised of best practices in the convenience store industry. In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published their revised Underground Storage Tank (UST) and State Program Approval (SPA) regulations. The revisions emphasized the importance of training on operating and maintaining UST equipment.

Class C operators are those employees at the station or UST facility who will be the first to respond to a fuel event. Class C operators must know how to respond to emergencies and alarms caused by spills or releases resulting from the operation of the UST system.

Depending on location, facilities are required to follow federal or state specific programs to train designated Class C operators. This Fuel Spill Response Fundamentals training module may be used in conjunction with a federal or SPA training program but is not intended to replace Class C operator training.

Ready Training Online does not assume any responsibility for any actions taken as a result of the information presented in this training, nor does it warranty or guarantee that actions taken based on this training will prevent accidents or incidents from occurring. Do not rely on this training and the information contained herein as the sole source of information for Class C operators. Designated Class C operators must comply with all federal and state Underground Storage Tank requirements.

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