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Introducing gridSign

trainingGrid’s NEW electronic signature feature!

Compliance made easy.

Keeping your business compliant is easy when you can quickly assign an employee a document to sign, receive notification of signature, and then locate those signed policies and procedures in each employee’s record in trainingGrid™.

Say goodbye to filing or scanning page after page of employee paperwork.

Electronic signature functionality keeps all of your important documentation online, eliminating waste, storage space, and extra steps!

Recordkeeping is simple and streamlined.

Housing these signed documents in trainingGrid™ not only reduces the time you spend managing, filing, and storing paperwork, but it also keeps your documents in an easy-to manage filing system. Documents are automatically emailed once they’re signed, and they’re easy to access from each employee’s scorecard.

How it Works

With gridSign, employees digitally sign important documents. Simply tag a document for signature, assign it, and employees will be required to review it from MyGrid and digitally sign it. The signed documents are conveniently stored for you within employees’ user scorecards, and copies are emailed to employees for their records.

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