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Simplify your employee training with our cloud-based learning management system.

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trainingGrid Learning Management System

Why Choose trainingGrid?

The training your employees need and the administration tools you choose.

Easy to Use

Intuitive design makes learning management simple and allows employees to begin training in just one click.


Robust training management features are customizable to fit your unique training challenges and business needs.

Created by Experts

Powered by Ready Training Online, trainingGrid®​ is backed by decades of employee development expertise.

Compliance Ready

Third party certification and storage of training records provides detailed verification of training completion.


trainingGrid®​ takes care of the details so administrators and managers can focus on your big picture goals.

Secure & Supported

Your success is our success. Our product development and client success teams have a single focus: you.

Dashboard Simplified Reporting

Flip the switch on your employee training with HUBS Dashboard Reporting. Customize your views and access team data in seconds! Additionally, My Report Grid dashboard in trainingGrid® simplifies and elevates how your employee training is tracked and reported.

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Report Managment

Easily access and distribute essential reports to your team leaders—keeping company-wide training objectives top-of-mind across your organization.


HUBS Reporting

Beyond just insights, HUBS is a valuable time-saving tool. Flip the switch and maximize your productivity as you easily track employee training data at-a-glance.


Customized Reports

Tailor your reports to stay informed about crucial metrics—including completion rates, onboarding progress, and company-wide compliance certifications.


Skill Workforce

Our commitment to ongoing learning means your team can access a vast online learning library to enhance skills and open doors to career growth.


HR Training

Our HR online learning programs are designed to help members of your organization understand, and effectively handle any HR issues they may encounter.


Compliance Training

Our online learning library of compliance topics help minimize potential risks by equipping you and your team with trackable online training and certifications.

Learning Library

Employee training plays a pivotal role in retaining quality talent. trainingGrid® LMS provides you with all the resources you will need to build, nurture, and maintain a skilled workforce.

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Knowledge Checks

Engagement is key for successful employee training. With trainingGrid® LMS, it’s easier than ever to engage and encourage your employees using learning strategies that create and promote a successful team.

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Quizzes & Exams

Quizzes placed strategically within—and exams placed at the end of each module provide a comprehensive assessment of content understanding.


Score Cards

Showcase employee progress and upcoming training assignments and keep them motivated to successfully complete their future training objectives.


Certification Management

Streamlined certification management allows you to effortlessly access, store, print, upload, and customize your training certificates.


New Hire Onboarding

Get employees in front of customers faster using the power of customized learning paths specifically built to fit your company’s onboarding needs.


Gears To Your Career®

Create customized learning paths that allow employees with potential to seek advancement opportunities and professional growth within your company.


Blended Learning Paths

Integrate on-the-job training prompts, success guides, and checkpoints into your learning paths, to seamlessly blend online learning with real-world application.


Compliance Learning Paths

Customize your company’s compliance learning paths, and easily monitor progress, track certifications, and gauge employee understanding.

Fixed & Flexible

With trainingGrid® LMS, you’ll discover the synergy between structure and flexibility in your employee training program. Easily create learning paths that engage your workforce and build career-minded teams.

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eSignature with gridSign

Efficient document management is the driver behind a streamlined operation. With gridSign, easily assign and store electronic signatures within your trainingGrid® LMS and simplify employee training documentation.

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Makes it easy for training administrators to tag cosigners on documents that require electronic signatures from both the employee and their manager


Electronic Signatures

Your solution for obtaining and storing electronic signatures swiftly and securely. Harness the power of electronic signatures and transform your workflow


On-Demand Video

Provide your team with on-demand supplemental training resources that reinforce key training subjects using your Video Library in ResourceHub.


Document Library

Your centralized location for easy access to important training and HR documents. All your crucial documents are consolidated within your document library.


Employee training is an ongoing process. After your employees have completed their online training, you may wish to require that they reference additional materials for onboarding purposes, or additional training. ResourceHub allows you to upload, manage, and store training resources in trainingGrid® LMS.

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Client Success

Your Partner in Employee Training


Dedicated Client Success Manager

Your personal client success manager is a dedicated advisor whose number one goal is to make trainingGrid®​ work for you.


Guided Configuration & Implementation

Our implementation specialists listen to your needs, advise using best practices, and provide product training for you and your managers.


In-house Technical Support

There isn’t a technical issue our US-based support team can’t solve. We’re here for you and your employees.


Webinars & Training Sessions

As trainers ourselves, we host ongoing information sessions to introduce new features, enhancements, and requirements.

Getting Started is Simple

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