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We understand that employee training is a critical component in retaining quality employees. Our online learning, delivered through the trainingGrid™ learning management system, is built to guide employees on career paths and benefit the company as a whole. Our extensive content library covers the topics your business needs to promote safety, meet compliance regulations, focus on customer service, and more.

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RTO specializes in designing training solutions that fit your specific needs. Contact us for more information about our online training or our LMS subscription packages.

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How Training Reduces Turnover

How Training Reduces Turnover

Training and turnover have something in common – they both can cost a company a lot of money. They also have a causal relationship that goes both ways. High turnover increases training costs. At the same time, investing in a quality training...

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Do You Have a Minute?

Do You Have a Minute?

Having an “open door policy” as a manager is an easy way of telling your employees, “I value your input and want to hear from you.” Communication is important in any workplace, and making sure people know you’re available to them is part of...

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Reminder: Knowledge Retention Matters

Reminder: Knowledge Retention Matters

Henri Barbusse, a French novelist from the late 19th century said, “People are machines of forgetfulness.” Around that same time, German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus coined the term “the forgetting curve,” referring to how knowledge retention...

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