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The right convenience store training program prepares employees for a long and successful career at your store. From Early Success training for new employees to Specialist and Leadership programs, our convenience store training content provides a path for employees and managers to not only learn, but to grow and succeed.

Sample Convenience Store Training: Suggestive Selling

Early Success Series

There’s a lot to cover when an employee first starts a job with you, and breaking that information into easy-to-understand topics will lead to better retention and implementation. Our Early Success online training is a comprehensive series that covers a wide variety of topics important to new convenience store employees. Courses within this series also make excellent refreshers for all employees.

Customer Service

Achieving customer service excellence is a goal for all convenience stores. Our online Customer Service training covers important skills employees need to provide exceptional service and create customer loyalty. Courses within this training curriculum include our popular “Be Our Guest” course designed specifically for convenience stores. Other topic areas include general customer service, problem solving, and phone etiquette. 


Convenience stores and their employees must comply with many laws and guidelines. Compliance training is a critical component of a comprehensive convenience store training program. Our Compliance curriculum includes courses on issues specific to convenience stores, such as lottery sales, GHSHazcom, money laundering, and more. This training is critical for employees new to the industry and can also be used as a refresher course for employees at all levels.

Safety and Security

Safety and security must be a priority for any convenience store. Keeping employees and customers safe requires everyone on your staff to be trained on important safety and security topics. Our online Safety and Security training curriculum includes courses on basic safety, first aid, slips and falls, skimming prevention, PCI and Credit Card Security, and many more. This training should be taken by employees of all levels, from new hires to experienced staffers.

Interior Facility Care

Your customers have high expectations for cleanliness in your store, and you must have that same level of expectation from your staff. Not only does a clean store look welcoming to customers, it also creates a safe environment where customers feel confident in buying food and drinks. Our Interior Facility Care online convenience store training covers topics such as cleaning the floor mats, restrooms, coolers, and shelves, as well as sweeping and mopping floors. 

Exterior Facility Care

Your customers begin forming impressions of your convenience store before they even walk through your doors. Through its upkeep and appearance, the exterior of your facility says a lot about your commitment to quality and customer service. Our Exterior Facility Care training curriculum helps employees of all levels understand the importance of exterior care as well as the proper techniques to clean the trashcans, dumpster area, and parking lot.

Fuel Station

Any business that sells fuel must train its employees on a variety of important topics related specifically to this line of business. These topics include important safety procedures for Class C UST Operators, breakaway pump procedures, sticking the tank, and customer service at the pump. Our Fuel Station convenience store training curriculum prepares employees to successfully perform critical fuel station tasks.

Food Service

In today’s convenience store industry, your food service offering can bring in new customers and help you create ongoing customer loyalty. Our Food Service curriculum is an essential component of a comprehensive convenience store training program. It covers topics such as food safety and sanitation, allergy awareness, cleaning the beverage fountain, roller grill care, knife safety, and more.

Stocking Merchandise

Your merchandising efforts are a key element to your non-fuel sales. Designed specifically for convenience store employees, our Stocking Merchandise training covers topics such as stocking the cooler, stocking shelves, and handling out-of-stock situations. This is critical convenience store training for new employees and can also be used as a refresher course for employees at all levels.

Loss Prevention

Many of your potential losses are preventable with the right convenience store training. Our Loss Prevention curriculum covers general loss prevention information for convenience store employees as well as specific strategies to prevent robbery and phone scams. All employees need this training to understand the specific risks convenience stores face.

Specialist Series

Success in the convenience store industry requires specialized skills for employees of all levels. Our Specialist online training series elevates the skill level of employees in specific topic areas. With separate courses covering the topics of Security Awareness and Operations, managers and employees develop a solid foundation for carrying out the mission of your business.


Our Operations curriculum covers important skills convenience store employees at multiple levels can use on the job every day. These online training courses are designed to create maximum profitability at the store level through a reduction in loss, improved merchandising, and effective employee training. The information covered in this curriculum is critical for new managers and works well as a review for managers of all levels.

Security Awareness

When it comes to security in a convenience store, awareness is key. Our Security Awareness training curriculum helps employees of all levels understand the security risks convenience stores face in this digital age. Managers and team members learn the daily dangers they face and the steps they can take to help protect themselves and the company.

Leadership Development Series

Your managers will make or break your success as an organization. It is their responsibility to hire and train front-line employees, understand and implement company policies, and lead their teams to reach company goals. Our convenience store training for managers delivers valuable training topics tailored specifically to your assistant managers, store managers, and district managers.

Assistant Manager

Our Assistant Manager training curriculum is designed to improve the performance of assistant managers in a convenience store setting. New assistant managers will learn important skills to help them transition to their new positions. Experienced assistant managers will also benefit from this training to refresh their leadership and communication skills.

Store Manager

Our Store Manager convenience store training curriculum supports store managers as they take on a variety of responsibilities critical to the success of a convenience store. Store managers new to their positions will learn important management and leadership skills necessary for them to succeed in their jobs.

District Manager

Designed specifically for multi-unit supervisors, our District Manager online training curriculum addresses the unique challenges that come with a district-level position. Perfect for those new to a district manager position and a great refresher for experienced district managers, the curriculum covers topics such conducting store visits, leading effective meetings, inspiring store managers, and driving bottom-line results.

Path to Success for Your Employees

Our unique approach to achieving higher employee retention is a convenience store training program focused on Career Progression™. Our convenience store training content provides a path for employees to not only learn, but to grow. When your employees believe in their role, are confident in what they’re doing, and truly want to succeed, positive outcomes are inevitable. The right training helps get them there and keep them there. Our convenience store training program gets the job done, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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