Florida Security, Tobacco Sales, & Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program​

Train your staff to follow Florida’s convenience store compliance regulations.

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Online Florida Convenience Store Training
From RTO® and the FPMA

Ready Training Online and the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association have teamed up to bring convenience stores in Florida training that covers their specific compliance needs. This program includes three modules: Robbery Deterrence and Safety, Responsible Tobacco and Nicotine Sales, and Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program. The bundle is available with affordable per-employee pricing, or it can be added to a comprehensive convenience store training subscription designed to reduce turnover, improve customer service, enhance efficiency, and increase profits.

Included in This Bundle

N Florida Robbery Deterrence and Safety

To protect the safety of convenience store employees and customers, Florida law requires training on robbery prevention and preparation. This module teaches employees:

  • What to do before, during, and after a robbery.
  • How to prevent and prepare for other criminal activity that may occur.

The content presented in this training follows the guidelines of Florida’s Convenience Store Security Act and is approved by Florida’s Office of the Attorney General.

N Florida Responsible Tobacco and Nicotine Sales

Profitability from tobacco sales depends on compliance with many regulations. In this module, employees will learn: 

  • Tobacco and nicotine-related laws in Florida.
  • Easy-to-implement techniques to prevent sales to underaged consumers.
  • Different products that are classified as tobacco and nicotine.
  • When and how to check ID.
  • How to refuse sales.
  • Consequences of selling tobacco and nicotine illegally.

N Florida Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program – Employee

As an off-premise alcohol reseller, you and your staff have a legal obligation to sell alcohol responsibly. This training module teaches employees:

  • How to follow the law when selling alcohol.
  • When and how to check ID.
  • How to refuse sales when necessary.
  • How alcohol affects the body.
  • Some signs of intoxication.

N Florida Alcohol Responsible Vendor Program – Manager

In addition to what’s covered in the employee alcohol training, an extended program for managers covers:

  • Requirements a convenience store must meet to qualify as a Responsible Vendor in Florida.
  • The importance of preventing illegal sales and drug activity on the premises.
  • The importance of having knowledgeable professionals on staff.

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Why Train on Florida’s Compliance Regulations?

Every convenience store in Florida must follow specific guidelines to keep their employees, customers, and communities safe. This includes robbery prevention and preparation and the responsible sales of age-restricted products such as tobacco and alcohol. Online training from Ready Training Online and the FPMA helps you protect your business from the serious consequences of non-compliance. Online training is easy to implement and track. Get started today!

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