Coming soon! Lexington-Fayette KY Responsible Seller-Server Training

Teach your staff how to follow the law when selling or serving alcohol.

Responsible Seller-Server Online Training for Lexington-Fayette KY

Businesses that sell or serve alcohol have a legal obligation to do so responsibly. Staff training is a critical component of any alcohol sales program. Our Lexington-Fayette KY Responsible Seller-Server Training online training program includes real-world scenarios that show employees how to implement what they learn. Employees complete quizzes throughout the training to reinforce the learning. At the end of the training, employees who pass the final exam receive a printable certificate.

Your purchase of the Lexington-Fayette KY Responsible Seller-Server Training includes a downloadable list of statutes, regulations, and ordinances that each employee who sells or serves alcoholic beverage should know. This training is approved by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.

Included in This Module

N Understanding Your Legal Responsibilities

In order to follow the law, employees must first understand the law. In this section, employees learn about their legal obligation to provide responsible beverage sales and service. They learn why laws exist and how the laws apply to them as a seller or server.

N Recognizing Legally Acceptable ID

It is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. In this section of the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service training, employees learn the proper way to check identification. This version of the training emphasizes carding all customers who look under the age of 35, according to federal guidelines. An alternate version of the training is available for businesses that follow a card-all-ages policy.

N Refusing Service to Minors

Sellers and servers of alcohol must not sell to minors. In this section of the training, employees learn different ways minors may try to buy or consume alcohol. They also learn what they should say and do to refuse service to an underage customer.

N Understanding Alcohol’s Effect on the Body

In order to understand the consequences of illegal alcohol sales, employees must understand alcohol’s effects on the body. In this section of the training, employees learn what happens when a person consumes alcohol, how a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is used to measure impairment, and the different stages of alcohol intoxication.

N Recognizing Signs of Intoxicated Guests

It is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to someone who is intoxicated. In this section of the training, employees watch various examples to learn how to assess a customer’s possible level of intoxication.

N 50 Signs of Intoxication

Intoxication may look different from one guest to the next. This section of the training shows 50 noticeable signs of visible intoxication resulting from alcohol and drugs.

N Refusing Service to Intoxicated Guests

Many sellers and servers will be faced with an intoxicated guest who wants to purchase alcohol. In this section of the training, employees learn how to refuse service to intoxicated guests in a way that’s focused on safety and customer service.

Why Train Your Staff on Responsible Seller-Server Training?

If you fail to train your staff on how to responsibly sell and serve alcohol, your operation could be fined, sued, or shut down. People could be injured or even killed. Managers and employees could face personal liability and even criminal charges for disregarding laws related to alcohol sales and service. You can mitigate these risks by training your staff on how to responsibly sell and serve alcohol. Online training is easy to implement and track. Get started today!

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