New York Responsible Tobacco Sales

Train your staff to follow New York law when selling tobacco products.

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Online Responsible Tobacco Sales Training in New York

The sale of tobacco makes up about 35 percent of a convenience store’s in-store sales. Profitability from tobacco sales depends on compliance with many regulations. As a tobacco retailer in New York State, your employees have a responsibility to fully understand and comply with federal and state tobacco regulations. Our New York Responsible Tobacco Sales training program covers New York state tobacco-related laws, how to sell tobacco products legally, and the consequences for breaking any regulations. Employees are tested on their ability to responsibly sell tobacco products and are certified upon completion.

Certification must be renewed after 3 years.

Included in This Module

Federal and NY State Regulations Regarding Tobacco Sales

In order to sell tobacco products legally, employees must understand the law. In this section, employees learn about their legal obligation to sell tobacco responsibly. They also learn the possible consequences of an illegal sale.

What Constitutes Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Tobacco products continue to evolve as the market changes. In this section, employees will learn more about what New York considers to be tobacco or a tobacco product.

Legally Acceptable Forms of Identification

It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21 in the United States. In this section of the Responsible Tobacco Sales training, employees learn to recognize the different types of IDs that can be used to legally purchase alcohol.

How to Identify ID Fraud and Refuse Sales

Most convenience store employees will have to refuse a tobacco sale as part of their everyday job. In this section of the Responsible Tobacco Sales training, employees learn how to spot fraudulent IDs and refuse a sale when necessary.

Importance of Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer service creates loyalty among customers who come in to purchase tobacco products. When making a sale — and even when refusing one — employees must provide service that shows customers their business is appreciated.

This training covers the important information a new employee needs to know to legally sell tobacco at your store. It’s also well-suited for experienced employees who need extra reinforcement about tobacco sales guidelines.

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