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Service & Sales Excellence with Restaurant Playbooks

RTO partners with Restaurant Playbooks to offer training topics that address the unique needs restaurants face in today’s world. The courses offered will help develop employee skillsets so they can consistently deliver excellent guest experiences to improve guest loyalty and increase sales.  Restaurant training from RTO and Restaurant Playbooks will help your managers and staff stay on top of their game in a competitive industry.

Microlearning for Restaurant Managers and Team Members

With every guest, your staff should strive to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Our restaurant training content was developed by industry experts and pros who have experience delivering results. Provide your staff with the training they need to succeed today!

Responsible Alcohol Sales Training

Restaurants and bars that sell alcohol have a legal obligation to do so responsibly. Staff training is a critical component of any alcohol sales program. Our Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service teaches servers and bartenders how to follow alcohol sales laws while delivering excellent customer service. Real-world scenarios show employees how to implement what they learn. Required training approved by the states of CA, ME, MI, NY, OK, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, or VT.

Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training
Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training

Human Resources

To attract, hire, and retain a strong workforce, you must provide a productive and safe work environment. Our Human Resources training for restaurants covers critical issues related to maintaining a productive work environment, including topics FMLA, ACA Healthcare Marketplace, harassment prevention, diversity, violence in the workplace, and more.

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