Oklahoma Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service

All employees who sell alcohol in Oklahoma are required to complete approved training. Train online today!

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ABLE-Approved Oklahoma Alcohol Training

In Oklahoma, all employees who who sell, serve, or mix alcohol must have an Alcohol Employee Beverage License. Within 14 days of applying for the state license, employees must complete training approved by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE). Ready Training Online’s Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service training is approved by ABLE, covering state requirements in addition to other essential information about responsible alcohol sales and service. Upon successful completion of this course, employees will receive an electronic certificate they can upload with their online license application. Remember, training is required within 14 days of applying for the license. Click here to train online today!

Included in This Module

N Oklahoma Alcohol Sales Laws and Legal Penalties

Oklahoma has specific laws related to the sale of alcohol to underage or intoxicated customers. This Oklahoma Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service online training covers the specifics of these laws as well as the legal penalties that may result from illegal sales. Employees also learn about legal hours of operation, rules against sales and consumption after hours, and the prohibition against employees drinking on duty.

N Dram Shop Laws

In this section of the training, employees learn about Oklahoma’s Dram Shop liability laws, including what these laws mean and how employees can be held personally liable if an illegal sale of alcohol contributes to damage, injury, or death.

N The Social Impact of Alcohol

In this section of the training, alcohol sellers and servers learn that the sale of alcohol has risks to the people of Oklahoma. When employees follow the law, as they learn to do in this program, they are protecting their customers, their communities, their establishments, and themselves.

N The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Excessive alcohol consumption can have severe and fatal consequences. In this section of the training, sellers and servers learn how alcohol affects the body. They also learn how a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is used to measure impairment and the different factors that contribute to alcohol absorption.

N Recognizing Legally Acceptable ID

It is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. In this section of the Oklahoma Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service training, employees learn the proper way to check identification, how to spot fake IDs, and what to do if a customer tries to use a fake ID.

N Recognizing Signs of an Intoxicated Person

It is illegal in Oklahoma to sell or serve alcohol to someone who is intoxicated. In this section of the training, employees learn how to assess a customer’s possible level of intoxication.

N Right to Refuse Service

This section of the training covers the employee’s right to refuse service if they reasonably believe a customer is intoxicated or underage.

N Refusing Service to Minors or Intoxicated Guests

Many sellers and servers will be faced with an intoxicated or underage guest who wants to purchase alcohol. In this section of the training, employees learn when to refuse service and specific techniques to refuse service.

N Exam and Certification

At the end of the Oklahoma Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service online training program, employees will take a final exam. After passing with a grade of at least 70%, employees will receive a downloadable and printable certificate that can be used as part of their Alcohol Employee Beverage License application.

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Why Train Your Staff on Responsible Alcohol Service in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, sellers and servers of alcohol must be state-certified to legally serve alcohol. With our Oklahoma Responsible Sales and Service training program, you can be confident your employees understand their obligation to sell alcohol according to the law. If you fail to train your staff on how to responsibly sell and serve alcohol, your operation could be fined, sued, or shut down. People could be injured or even killed. In accordance with Oklahoma’s Dram Shop Laws, managers and employees can face personal liability in addition to criminal charges if they fail to sell alcohol responsibly. This online training program is easy to implement and track — train today!