LMS Release 15.0

LMS Releases

Here at RTO®, we’re continually improving our trainingGrid system to give training administrators and users a streamlined learning management experience. The 15.0 release includes these enhancements:

Enhanced User Scorecard

These enhancements improve the user experience while viewing user scorecards:

  • Speed search tool to quickly locate specific training.
  • Color coded percentage completion column for easy tracking of employee progress.
  • Schedule column to designate training that was assigned through Add or Schedule training.
  • “Now Playing” and video wave graphic to show the module the employee is currently viewing.
  • Cascading display of Course, Workshop, and Module.
  • “Current Score” chart to display total percent certified and number of assigned modules that have been completed.
  • Printer icon to quickly access printable certificates.
  • Display of module overview, including description and run time, via the scorecard.

TEAM Search

These enhancements further streamline tasks related to TEAM Search:

  • Tile View vs. List View determined by user preference and saved for next login.
  • Tile View shows color coded employee tiles to allow management to easily track employee progress. List View provides color coded percentage completion column.
  • Speed search tool to locate specific employees or other related info such as job, unit, or role.
  • Meatball menu gives quick access to edit employee profile, edit password, and view scorecard.
  • “New Hire” label on Tile View easily showcases employees who were hired within the last 30 days.
  • Profile tab now incorporates editing an employee’s unit or job.

Below is a short tutorial that explains the major updates included in the 15.0 release. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or our Support team at 1-800-786-9545.