LMS Release 15.2

LMS Releases

Leveraging your learning management system just became more powerful with the latest release of trainingGrid®​ from Ready Training Online.

Bring Your Own Content

Our new BYOC feature allows training administrators to upload, configure, and deploy their own SCORM (1.2 or 2004) modules directly in trainingGrid.

ResourceHub Documents and Videos

With trainingGrid®​’s ResourceHub, training administrators can upload important documents and videos. The ResourceHub Document Library is used to store important documents employees may need for reference, such as policies or safety data sheets. The ResourceHub Video Library is used to store video content on topics such as maintenance, food service, cleaning, marketing, and hardware/IT. These resources are not assigned or tracked like modules. Instead, they’re always available for you and your team to access on demand.

These latest enhancements to trainingGrid®​ are part of our commitment to providing a learning management system that supports our clients’ goals and improves employee performance. If you’d like to learn more about how trainingGrid®​ can help you streamline your online training program, or if you’d like a closer look at our latest enhancements, click here to request your free guided demonstration.