What’s Your Focus for the New Year?


It’s that time again – time to write your new year’s resolutions. Resolutions always seem like a good idea, don’t they? After all, studies show that about half of all Americans make resolutions. The downside is that less than 10 percent of those who make them, actually keep them. Resolutions are different from goals. Goals have a time frame. Resolutions are a promise to make a change that lasts a lifetime.

5 Areas of Focus for Business Resolutions

When you keep them, resolutions truly can change your life in the long-term. This is true of your personal resolutions and your business resolutions. As you create your business resolutions for the new year, focus on these five key areas:

Your vision and mission. The vision you set for your company should be the driving force behind everything you do. The challenge is to make it the driving force behind everything everyone on your staff does, too. Does the culture of your company support your vision and mission? That’s where business resolutions come in to play.

Your opportunities. Opportunities come in different shapes and sizes. Your company has opportunities to grow, opportunities to outpace the competition, and opportunities to not fall victim to the various risks you face as a business. When creating business resolutions around opportunities, think about not just opportunities to succeed, but also opportunities to protect yourself from failure.

Your employees. Your staff is your most valuable asset. Resolve to invest in your employees through:

  • Training – the more they know, the more productive they will be.
  • Recognition – praise accomplishments that are big and little, and do it privately and in public.
  • Career development – make employees part of the long-term growth of your company by supporting their personal goals.
  • Improved communication – When communicating with employees, listen more than you speak, ask questions, follow up, and follow through.

Your customers. Business resolutions related to customers should focus on delivering service that inspires loyalty. Resolve to make your customers the heroes of your business story.

Yourself. Your business resolutions overlap with your personal ones. Set resolutions that move you toward balancing your work and personal lives, making time for your own personal development, and improving your physical well-being. Healthy leaders inspire healthy teams.

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