Management Tip: Open Communication


A communication tip for managers: Open your mind before opening your mouth. Would you want to be spoken to the way you speak to your employees?

See where your communication skills fit into the examples below. Then consider if you need to make some changes to improve communication with your employees.

“Clock in; we need you.”


“Hi, I’m glad you’re here. We need some help. Can you clock in right away?”


“You’re late, where have you been?”


“I’m glad you’re here. Is everything OK?”


“You’re doing that wrong.”


“Here’s a way that might work better.”


“Clock out; it’s slow.”


“Who’d like to go home early today?”


“If you don’t like it, look for another job.”


“Please, it’s busy and we need you. When it slows down, we’ll talk about this.


The silent treatment


“You made the difference. Thank you!”

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