Enlist Staff for New Employee Recruitment

Jul 24, 2015 | Human Resources, Leadership

Pick your top four or five employees and enlist them to help with new employee recruitment. Forget the outdated advice “never consider friends or family for hiring.” This makes no more sense than hiring people based only on age, gender, ethnicity or schooling. Good people are good people. Start with a solid foundation, then build from it.

New employee recruitment can be tough, so having an inside connection gives you an advantage. When you hire a group of people who know each other, much of the team-building is already done for you. In a friendlier environment, staff members will help one another to get the job done — and not just because they have to. You’ll decrease the chances of staff members not getting along.

And you’ll end up with a solid team made up of similar personalities, which, in turn, will help your operation develop its own distinct personality. It will create an atmosphere that will attract more customers — a fun and friendly environment where people know they will be treated well.

To help create this environment, post job openings internally and get your staff to help you recruit by offering a bounty for referring their friends. For instance, if a cashier recommends someone for an open position, and that new hire stays at least 60-90 days and excels in his or her job performance, give that the referring employee a reward for the referral. Rewards can include cash, gift certificates for dinners at local restaurants, or merchandise.

Your employees have a lot to gain from recommending people they know will do a great job since they will have to work with them. And they have just as much to lose by recommending marginal people.

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