How Outdoor Signage Impacts Sales


Two-and-a-half seconds. That’s how much time you have to draw an outside customer into your store. Is your window signage getting the job done? Window signs and displays not only promote particular products or services, they also give you a golden opportunity to create a good first impression before customers even walk through the door. Effective outdoor signage promotes your brand, generates interest among shoppers, and gets people excited about shopping with you.

Best Practices for Marketing with Outdoor Signage

Follow these tips to get the biggest bang for your outdoor signage buck:

Keep it fresh. When window displays are stagnant, they become invisible to customers. Springtime is the perfect time to update your window signage. As people are less bundled up in coats, scarves and hats, they are more likely to take notice of your window advertising.

Make it big. Whether your store is on the corner of a busy intersection or tucked away on a side street, your window display should be eye-catching from a distance. Use graphics that are visible from the parking lot and the street. Large images with bold colors, shapes, and messages will work best.

Take a walk, look around. Put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes and take a walk around your store. Go to the outer edges of your parking lot, and even across the street, and look at your store. Where do your eyes naturally go? What do you see? Where are the best opportunities to market from the street? Be sure you do a thorough walk-around after your signs are up, too, to make sure they will accomplish your goals.

Stay true to your brand. You (and your corporate bosses if you have them) have worked hard to establish a strong brand. The idea of outdoor signage is to get attention, but be sure you stick to your brand guidelines throughout the process.

Mind the big picture. Remember, marketing isn’t just one thing you do, it’s making everything you do work together. Window displays are just one part of your overall marketing strategy. Whatever you’re marketing outside, make sure you’re marketing inside, too. Don’t pique your customer’s interest in a product, and then make that product hard to find. Your wall-mounted and floor mounted signage should be consistent with your window signage to contribute to your overall marketing goals.

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