5 Most Effective On-the-Job Training Strategies

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Sad but true – employees disappoint us sometimes. Some lack the motivation to try new tasks, others seem unwilling to take on greater responsibilities. Before you label these employees as lazy, consider that the root of these behaviors may be employees’ fears of failure. It’s your job as manager to take those fears away, and bolster employees’ confidence so that they can conquer new job roles. On-the-job training is key.

Let Go of Fear of Failure

Here are some ways you can encourage yourself and your team to let go of fear of failure:

Train, train, train. Nothing squelches fear more than confidence. Make sure your on-the-job training programs teach both hard and soft skills

Set a good example. Your employees will model your responses to challenges, so be sure you’re leading by example when it comes to interactions with both your customers and your employees. Patience in contagious.

Take a chance. When you have a well-researched plan, worrying that it might fail stalls the process for success. Let go of fear and encourage your team to speak up and embrace change. Even if the idea fails, you’ll all be closer to a new solution.

Be positive. Use team meetings and training sessions to express a positive attitude to your staff. Your positive thinking will spread throughout your staff.

Become a coach. Do you demand perfection? If you do, your team members will start to play it safe. They’ll stop coming up with new ideas for improving your business and they’ll stick to the way it’s always been done. And in a competitive industry, that’s the only way to guarantee long-term failure.

No one wants to fail… and almost all of us fear that we will. Remember that when asking your employees to take on new roles, and tailor your approach accordingly.

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