Why You Should Be Building Custom Career Paths


We’ve all been through a lot in the last few years with a global pandemic, the Great Resignation, labor shortages, and a host of other challenges. As a result, it’s more important than ever to find quality, dependable employees—and even harder to keep them. 

According to LinkedIn, studies show that members of Gen Z have high expectations when it comes to employment and they’re not afraid to go from job to job until they find the one that aligns most with their values and interests. Developing custom career paths for your employees will not only demonstrate your investment in their skill development and growth, but also encourage their loyalty by providing a clear outline for their future with your company.  

8 Benefits of Customizing Career Paths

Developing custom career paths for your employees can be just as beneficial to your company as it is for your employees themselves. Here are just some of the benefits custom career paths can have:  

1. Attract quality employees: An employee who is interested in a long-term commitment to your company is more likely to be the kind of employee your company needs. Offering advancement opportunities and being transparent with those opportunities up front will help attract those employees.

2. Reduce turnover: Employees confident and excited about their prospective career paths within their current organization are a lot less likely to seek employment opportunities that appear to provide more potential elsewhere. Developing custom career paths for your employees will increase retention and reduce turnover by giving them a reason to remain loyal to you. 

3. Increase employee engagement: Studies have shown that employees who have a clear career path within their company are more likely to be invested in and engaged with your company. Employee engagement creates a number of other benefits for your company. 

4. Provides purpose and motivation: With increased employee engagement comes an increase in purpose and motivation. An employee with a career path has a purpose and a goal, and they’ll be motivated to perform well and achieve that goal.

5. Improve employee performance: It should be growing evident by now that customizing career paths for employees has a positive snowball effect. Having a clear path within your company increases the employee’s engagement, which provides them with purpose and motivation, and ultimately leads to improved employee performance. Employees will want to perform better because this is their career–not just an hourly job.

6. Create a positive culture: Engaged employees who are driven to perform well and are invested in the company’s success help build a positive work environment and culture for success. 

7. Maximize potential: Your employees likely have a whole range of potential that’s just waiting to be unleashed. Working with them to customize their career paths allows you to discover that potential and develop it into something greater – allowing your employees to be the best versions of themselves. 

8. Develop leaders: Taking advantage of custom learning paths allows you to train employees for future positions within the company. In this way you’re developing your company’s future leaders, which will lead to better results when you promote from within.

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