Promoting from Within to Control Staffing Costs

Human Resources

You’ll decrease turnover, reduce hiring costs, and improve morale when you implement a staff development policy that focuses on promoting from within. Developing employees to build a career at your company – rather than just clock in and out every shift – will motivate employees to tune in to your overall company goals. Promoting from within is a process. It starts with the company culture, requires effective role modeling, and ends with happy employees in every position.

Be the Workplace of Choice

Turnover is a challenge in every industry. Like your customers, many of your employees might be “just stopping by” on their way to something else. It doesn’t have to be that way. For the right people, there are long-term opportunities at your company that can lead to fulfilling careers. Not everyone you hire will fit this bill, but many can. Adjust your hiring process to look for people who have the personality traits you need to both fill the position you’re hiring for today, and also ones that may be available later. Look for people who are eager to learn new skills for themselves and teach others as well. You can train on tasks, but you can’t change an employee’s personality. When hiring, focus on potential rather than experience.

Inspire Greatness as a Role Model

As a manager, you’re always in the spotlight. Your employees take in every move you make, from how you handle operational issues to how you treat your customers. Effective role models cultivate the best candidates for promotion. Traits of effective role models include being a hard worker, being trustworthy, taking responsibility for your actions, showing respect to everyone, and handling stress positively. When employees see you approaching the challenges of your job with integrity, grace and persistence, they’ll be able to see themselves doing the same thing.

Involve the Whole Team

When employees are on a career path in your company, they’re more invested in both day-to-day successes and long-term goals. When they’re more involved, they have a stronger sense of purpose. All that leads to a happier, more positive employee. Even better, being positive is contagious. Adopting a staffing strategy that focuses on promoting from within creates a strong staff for the long-term.

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