5 Ways Teamwork Improves Your Bottom Line


Who’s the most valuable player on a team? By definition, every team member is essential to the team’s success. While that’s true, there is one person whose role on a team stands out – the coach. As a manager and leader of your staff, it’s up to you to define and maintain your team’s culture. The best place to start is by understanding why teams are so important in business. The consequences of a staff that doesn’t work together effectively hit you where it hurts the most — your bottom line. Check out these five ways teamwork improves your business.

Greater Shift Coverage

Well-managed teamwork creates trust and respect among staff members. In industries where shift coverage is king — such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail — teamwork can be the difference between overcoming a staff shortage and letting it rule the day. Staff members who feel a commitment to their team will work harder to learn new tasks and overcome challenges.

Increased Management Time

When business teams work effectively, delegation is easier. The benefits of delegation are two-fold. First, of course, is that managers who delegate day-to-day tasks have more time to focus on big-picture goals, like increasing sales. Secondly, and just an important, delegation creates a more confident and motivated staff.

Increased Efficiency

Teams that are working toward a common goal will be more driven to develop, refine, and maintain work processes. Staff members who are part of an effective team will feel ownership of processes when they see a direct impact on team goals. As processes are followed more rigorously, efficiency improves.

Enhanced Collaboration

Your staff members are on the front lines every day. Exceptional team leaders understand that the best ideas to boost profits will come from the bottom-up, not the other way around. To enhance collaboration within your team, create opportunities for team members to contribute ideas. Be open to different perspectives and reward team members whose contributions make a measurable difference.

Improved Customer Service

Team-breakers such as unresolved conflict, a lack of trust, or poor communication filter into customer interactions. The way you treat your team members – and the way they treat each other – has a direct impact on how customers are treated. This, in turn, has a direct impact on your bottom line.

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