5 Reasons to Implement Digital Signatures


More and more businesses are relying on digital signatures for important human resources documentation. It’s always been a challenge for HR professionals to manage and maintain documents requiring employee signatures, and that challenge is growing as more people to work or interview remotely. For years, large companies have relied on electronic signature systems to roll out major policy changes and onboard new employees.

The good news is that as technology for digital signatures evolves, it’s becoming an affordable solution that smaller, service-based businesses can benefit from. Why implement a digital signature program at your business? Check out these top 5 reasons to use electronic signatures:

1) Streamlines HR tasks. Sending employees documents electronically is easier and faster than delivering hard copy documents, following up to ensure all required signatures are received, and filing those copies manually.

2) Improves organization of employee records. Pairing an electronic signature system with digital document management helps managers and HR professionals easily keep track of important employment records.

3) Reduces paper use. Taking employee records digital, including the use of digital signature tools, is good for the environment. It’s estimated that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Any reduction in the amount of paper used is a good move toward protecting the environment and will also save money and storage space.

4) Proves compliance. Employee signatures are often necessary to prove compliance with legal regulations and human resources policies. For example, if your company is sued for harassment, you’ll need employee signatures on your anti-harassment policy to use an affirmative defense. If you sell alcohol in a state with dram shop laws, you’ll need to prove your sellers or servers are trained in responsible alcohol sales should you ever face a lawsuit.

5) Increases security. Paper versions of important signature-required documents can get lost or damaged. Hard copies of an employee’s signature on documents containing private personal information can easily get into the wrong hands. Electronic signature tools include cyber-security encryption that protects your employees and your company from fraud.

Digital Signatures through Your LMS

When your learning management system includes electronic record-keeping and digital signatures, you have a powerful tool that will help you manage human resources tasks at every level. Learn more about electronic signature programs as part the trainingGrid LMS.

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