Document Management Enhancements in trainingGrid 16.1

LMS Releases

Document management within your learning management system is easier than ever with the latest release of trainingGrid®​ from Ready Training Online. This updated version of our LMS includes three important enhancements:

Binders Feature for Online Document Management

Training administrators can quickly find and update important materials with trainingGrid’s Binders feature. This feature works like a digital Policies & Procedures manual for online document management. Administrators can easily organize documents and forms into different folders.

Document Views Counter

Do you know which resources employees are most interested in? The Document Views Counter in trainingGrid®​ makes this information easy to access. Administrators can gain valuable insight into which policies and procedures employees are finding most helpful and how well employees are complying with requests to review important resources.

Version Control

Many important documents stored in a learning management system are revised over time, making it difficult to track which documents were accessible during a specific timeframe. Now it’s easy to find out when specific policies, procedures, and documents were in place. Version Control tracks the history of a document throughout its life cycle, allowing you to easily find and retrieve details of a document on a specific date.

With trainingGrid’s enhanced document management features, you can easily organize, access, and manage your training documents. If you’d like to learn more about how trainingGrid®​ can support your training goals and improve employee performance, request a free guided demonstration.