trainingGrid®​ LMS Releases

Details and tutorials for trainingGrid®​ releases.

trainingGrid®​ 17.3 Release

The 17.3 release of trainingGrid®​ allows users to upload and track licenses and permits specific to certain locations.

trainingGrid®​ 17.2 Release

The 17.2 release of trainingGrid®​ allows training administrators to easily customize which emails they would like to receive from the LMS.

trainingGrid®​ 17.1 Release

trainingGrid®​ 17.1 includes enhancements to reporting functionality with the introduction of My Report Grid.

trainingGrid®​ 16.3 Release

The 16.3 release of trainingGrid®​ makes it even easier for you to add and manage multiple locations within your network with updates to Units, Districts, Zones, Jobs, and Departments.

trainingGrid®​ 16.2 Release

The 16.2 release of trainingGrid®​ includes enhancements to streamline your HR and training tasks. These include gridSign™, a digital signature tool, and Assign Content, a streamlined way to add content.

Document Management Enhancements in trainingGrid 16.1

Keeping your training documents organized is easier than ever with the latest release of trainingGrid®​ from Ready Training Online. This updated version of our learning management solution includes three important enhancements.

16.1 Tutorial

We’re excited to announce a new round of trainingGrid®​ product enhancements! Our 16.1 release is focused on document management with three enhancements that improve how you organize, access, and manage documents within the system. If you have any questions, please...

15.2 Tutorial

In our ongoing commitment to improve our trainingGrid®​ learning management system with your needs in mind, we’re excited to announce a new round of product enhancements. Our 15.2 release includes BYOC (Bring Your Own Content) and ResourceHub Video Library. Watch the...

LMS Release 15.2

Leveraging your learning management system just became more powerful with the latest release of trainingGrid®​ from Ready Training Online. Our new BYOC feature allows training administrators to upload, configure, and deploy their own SCORM (1.2 or 2004) modules directly in trainingGrid.

LMS Release 15.1

Here at RTO®®, we’re continually improving our trainingGrid®​ system to give training administrators and users a streamlined learning management experience. The 15.1 release includes these enhancements: