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Coupons in Convenience

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Until 2019 coupons were made from paper. With digital coupons entering the scene things are about to change- even in convenience stores. What impact will this have on the industry? Producer Kelly sits down with the Coupon Bureau’s Brett Watson to get to the info.

About The Episode:

At The Coupon Bureau, Brett Watson is leading the charge, with the support of an incredible team, to revolutionize the coupon industry with Universal Coupons. As CEO, she drives both strategic direction and tactical execution, ensuring our vision becomes reality. Working closely with industry stakeholders, Brett helps to shape Universal Coupons to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. Partner communication and management are key, and she’s delighted have the opportunity to develop and nurture relationships critical to our success.
But it’s not just about the product; it’s about our culture. Brett fosters an environment of collaboration and empowerment. Having an empowered team is critical to the daily work it takes to make fast and effective decisions to drive the adoption of Universal Coupons.
And yes, being a start-up CEO means do more than lead. From strategic planning to occasionally taking out the trash, Brett Watson is dedicated to propelling The Coupon Bureau forward in their mission to transform the coupon industry.

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What is Culture of Convenience?

Most people would agree that life is easier when it’s convenient; the same is true for business. Hosted by Kelly Sundberg and Ready Training Online President & CEO Jeff Kahler, the Culture of Convenience™ podcast focuses on how you can create a culture of convenience within your business. This is a podcast about you – how you can streamline tasks, improve processes, and remove the daily minutia that bogs down your business. Through collaboration and conversation, this podcast uncovers real-world solutions that show you how to balance the needs of your business with the needs of your people. Culture of Convenience™ by Ready Training Online is a natural extension of our business and our ongoing commitment to helping you leverage your most important asset – your staff.

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Meet Our Host

Jeff Kahler, President, and CEO

Jeff Kahler is a former restaurateur-turned-training-technology CEO. As the president & CEO of RTO®, Jeff sees challenges as opportunities for both innovation and exponential growth. Jeff started his career in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 and worked his way into restaurant ownership by the time he was 18. He learned early on that you’re only as successful as the team around you, and that philosophy is the foundation of the Culture of Convenience™ podcast. Each episode offers innovative ideas about how you can create a culture of convenience at your operation by balancing the needs of your business with the needs of your people.

Our Producer

Kelly Sundberg

The Culture of Convenience™ podcast by Ready Training Online is hosted and produced by Kelly Sundberg. Kelly brings a wealth of experience from her broadcasting background, and you might recognize her from some of our training modules or promotional ads. Despite her modesty about bios, we can’t help but highlight Kelly’s diverse talents and dynamic personality. Kelly’s bubbly demeanor, sharp wit, and creativity shines through on the show, making each episode engaging and entertaining. Tune in to experience firsthand the unique charm and expertise that Kelly brings to the Culture of Convenience™ podcast!

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Sound Engineer

Nick Harman

You might hear us refer to Nick as our mute sound engineer. While that’s not technically true, Nick’s contributions to the show are more of the strong but silent type. (Not that he’d be able to get a word in edgewise even if he wanted to.) With a background in audio and video production and a valued member of the RTO team, we couldn’t produce the Culture of Convenience™ podcast without Nick. Literally, we don’t know how that soundboard thing works.

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