How Would an Employee Volunteer Program Benefit Your Company?


Employees today are becoming increasingly conscious of social responsibility, and corporate values are playing a larger role in their career choices. Job seekers want to be part of an organization that shares their values and demonstrates an active interest in serving their community or other established causes. Developing an employee volunteer program will not only help attract new employees, but also encourage retention in your current staff.

Benefits of an Employee Volunteer Program

If you haven’t already considered developing an employee volunteer program for your organization, here are five reasons why you should:

  • Attract new hires: Many of today’s job candidates are looking for positions where they can have an impact. Companies that have some sort of employee volunteer program in place are going to be more attractive than the alternative.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention: Encouraging community service and volunteerism among employees will give them a sense of pride in your company for the work you are doing in your community. This will create better engagement among employees as well as improve employee retention.
  • Boost employee morale and mental health: Along with boosting their pride in your company, employees who are encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities have an increased personal morale and display a happier, healthier attitude.
  • Increase brand awareness: Associating your brand with community service and volunteers will help raise recognition and create a positive image for your organization.
  • Build stronger teams: Encouraging employees to volunteer and serve together with teammates will help build comradery and strengthen collaboration within the department.

How to Make Your Employee Volunteer Program a Success

Once you’ve understood the benefits of an employee volunteer program, you’ll want to ensure yours is a success. Below are a few ways to help guarantee your program will be successful.

  • Make volunteering convenient and easy: Make your program flexible, so employees can easily find time to fit it into their schedules.
  • Give your employees ownership: What matters to you and other leaders may not necessarily matter to employees, and they’re the keystone to your volunteer program. Collaborate with employees to determine the projects and causes they’re passionate about.
  • Offer incentives to generate interest: Providing employees with a number of paid hours monthly, quarterly, or annually will not only make it easier for them to find time to volunteer, but will also encourage them to take advantage of the offer.

Whatever direction you choose to go with your employee volunteer program, keep in mind that although there are definite benefits to your business, it’s not really about you. To better ensure the success of your program, make sure it’s focused on your employees and the causes they wish to support.

Boosting Team Morale

For more tips on building a positive culture and boosting morale within your organization, check out the Culture of Convenience podcast.

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