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17.1 Release Notes


August 17, 2022

Reports are a vital component of any successful training program. Keeping a record of who completed which training and when, identifying outstanding training, managing certifications, and maintaining compliance are just a few ways you can utilize reports in trainingGrid®​. Our 17.1 release updates our reporting functionality and enhances your reporting experience.


trainingGrid’s new reporting features are easy to use. The tutorial on this page walks you through reporting tasks you may need to complete as a Training Administrator. Please review the tutorial, and contact your account manager if you have any questions.


The upgraded reports functionality in trainingGrid®​ includes several elements that streamline the reporting process:

My Report Grid: View snapshots of valuable data on the My Report Grid dashboard. Easily access up to 10 different reports by pinning them to your dashboard and, for training administrators, schedule your reports with just one click.

Report Library: Easily access your reports from the Report Library, which is organized with binders and folders and equipped with a robust speed search tool. Certain users can create new reports, customize reports, and edit existing reports.

Report Pickup: Multitask in trainingGrid®​ while your reports run in the background with the new Report Pickup functionality. Run a report, then download it from the Report Pickup page when it’s finished. Completed reports will remain on the Report Pickup page up to three days before being purged and can be re-run at any time. Managers will also find reports sent from their supervisor or training administrator on the Report Pickup page.

Notifications: As part of this release, we’ve added a new notification bell on your MyGrid. When a report is ready for pickup, this icon will light up. When you click on a notification, you’ll be seamlessly redirected to the Report Pickup Page to retrieve your report.