Five Hiring Trends for the New Year

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There’s no doubt that the last couple years have altered many aspects of business, including how to recruit and hire talent. With staffing being a major issue for many organizations right now, it may be time to think outside the box in order to find the right candidates to fill your open positions. These hiring trends will get you off to a good start.

Hiring Trends for Next Year

Change is inevitable, and you can’t keep using the same methods if you want a successful hiring program. Here are the five top hiring trends to embrace in the new year.

1. Invest Time in Social Media

Social media has become the main source of information and communication for many in recent years. This is how jobseekers learn about job opportunities and research the companies to which they are applying. In return, recruiters and hiring managers can learn more about a candidate by reviewing their social media profiles.

2. Diversity is Key

Diversity is not just a trending topic in the media; it has become the number one concern for a large percentage of jobseekers and cannot be ignored. Additionally, diverse workplaces are often associated with increased productivity and innovation. Factoring diversity into your hiring strategy will not only help you attract and hire qualified candidates, but it will ultimately benefit your organization in the long run.

3. Focus on Corporate Branding

When it comes to corporate branding, your target audience is no longer just your prospective customers. Jobseekers are becoming much more concerned about the corporate image of the companies they are applying to. They’re not just coming into interviews blindly – they’re doing research online and through social media, and they’re evaluating you as much as you’re evaluating them. You need to make a positive impression through your branding before you even meet prospective candidates.

4. Increase Flexibility

The ability to be flexible in the face of challenges is what has helped businesses to thrive in the past couple years, and now jobseekers are searching for positions that will grant them the flexibility they desire – whether it’s flexibility in work hours, working remote vs. in the office, or with paid time off. Embracing flexibility within your organization demonstrates an interest in the well-being of your employees.

5. Upskilling Your Workforce

Training your current employees in new skills and promoting from within saves time and money over hiring new employees. It also demonstrates an investment in your current employees and will help you maintain their loyalty and trust. Jobseekers are looking for positions with opportunities for growth, so a hiring plan that includes promoting from within will help you bring in the talent you need and train them for the future.

More Insight on Staffing and Hiring Trends

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