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We live in a world of clicks. Answers to even some of the most complicated questions are just a click or two away, satisfying the increasingly popular need for instant gratification. Many of your employees may not even know how to discover information without clicking here or swiping there. As technology continues to dominate how we live our lives, so should the training you deliver to your team. Like any good training program, what your employees walk away with is just as important as what they’re given. Transitioning your program to an online training platform can provide a solution to a number of your training management woes.

Tips for choosing an online training platform that works for you

Convenience. E-Learning for your team needs to be available at times that work around the fast paced environment of your business. Choose a system that has 24/7 access and works on phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Tracking and reporting. A huge benefit of online training is that tracking is built-in functionality. With a learning management system, you can easily track not only when an employee completed a training module, but how well they understood it. Choose a system that is capable of providing the valuable tracking information you need to manage your training.

Cost effectiveness. Implementing an e-Learning platform will decrease your training costs. Employees can individually complete a module before or after a shift, at their own pace. Assessment and refresher training are streamlined and simplified.

Engagement. Online training modules break up content into easy-to-absorb segments, holding employees’ attention spans longer than lecture-based training. When you pair online training with quick pre-shift meeting role-play exercises or games, team members will be able to implement what they have learned as soon as they begin their next shift.

Better retention. Studies show trainees may only retain 10% of what they hear in a lecture. With engaging and interactive online learning, that retention level goes up toward 70%.

WII-FM. Online training tunes employees in to WII-FM – What’s In It For Me? Using internet based learning to show employees how they can earn more and progress in their careers will help keep their motivation up during every shift.

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