LMS Benefits – What Does a Learning Management System Do?


LMS stands for Learning Management System. That sounds simple enough, but what does it really mean? Let’s break it down based on the people an LMS benefits.

What an LMS Does for Employees

Employees are the largest set of a learning management system’s end users. LMS benefits for employees include:

What an LMS Does for Training Administrators and Managers

Training administrators and managers are also end users of a learning management system. LMS benefits for this group of users include:

  • Increased efficiency. With a few clicks, an LMS completes scheduling and tracking tasks that would take training administrators and managers hours of time to do manually. This gives them more time for one-on-one interactions with employees and customers.
  • Decreased staffing costs. Training reduces turnover. It costs more to recruit and hire new employees than it does to effectively train the ones you already have.
  • Improved knowledge retention. Using an LMS allows you to create on-the-job check-ins and schedule refresher training. When these strategies are blended with online courses, retention improves.
  • Streamlined tasks. The right LMS includes assigning, scheduling, and tracking employee courses. The best LMS also includes document management and digital signature systems.

What an LMS Does for the Company Owners

Company owners also benefit from LMS implementation. Here’s how:

  • Stronger branding. Most learning management systems can be customized for a company’s brand. This helps company owners keep their messaging front and center with employees.
  • Improved compliance. Every business has to follow federal, state, and local guidelines, with some industries more impacted than others. When you deliver compliance training through an LMS, you’re protecting your company, your customers, your employees, and yourself.
  • More effective marketing launches. Great marketing can kill a bad business. An LMS allows you to quickly train your entire staff on the details of new marketing promotions.

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