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Adopting a Corporate Online Training Program

Corporate online training has grown by an astounding 900% in the last two decades, yet some companies have still not made the switch. Most business managers already know the benefits of online learning. They understand that traditional training puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to accountability, reporting, consistency, and optimal efficiency. So why do they resist the change from classroom to computer? Sometimes, the process is just too daunting.

Managing Change Corporate Online Training

Managing change in corporate training starts at the top. The members of a company’s executive team must lead by example. When leaders show that they support the training initiative, that enthusiasm will trickle down into other parts of the company. The conversion from classroom training to corporate online training requires a strong commitment with strong leadership.

Selling Online Learning to Employees

Once you have executive and management support for switching from classroom training to corporate online training, it’s time to introduce the idea to employees. Don’t force it, sell it. Explain the “why” behind your decision to introduce change. Show employees how the online learning program will benefit them, not just on the job today, but as they develop their careers. Demonstrate how your online training program aligns with your company’s vision and mission.

Blended Training Bridges Gaps

Adopting a corporate online training program doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon other training methods your managers and employees are used to. Blended training uses online learning as a foundation, adding classroom and on-the-job training as needed. This allows you to provide a high level of consistency in training while also meeting individual employee needs.

Choose a Partner, Not a Vendor

The process of implementing online learning goes much more smoothly when you work with a training partner who is willing to meet you wherever you are. Patrick Port, COO at Ready Training Online, says it best: “The biggest concern many seem to have is how to do it. Once the executive leadership is on board, we’ll come alongside them and help any way we can. It’s a light lift when we work together.”

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