Start Planning Now for Next Year

Oct 16, 2018 | Leadership

With the fourth quarter of the year underway, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your goals for next year. Being an effective manager is a tough job, but with the right planning and the right skills, you can continue to improve and grow. Keep these key strategies in mind:

Execute Smart Staffing

As more jobs become available outside your industry, the labor pool for good employees is shrinking. While having a full staff is imperative to your success, don’t make the mistake of filling positions with anyone who can pass the background check. Balance your short-term staffing needs with your long term company goals by:

  • Evaluating personality traits as well as skill sets.
  • Providing an excellent orientation program that ensures a consistent knowledge base for all employees.
  • Use on-the-job training and an ongoing training program to reinforce employees’ skills and increase their confidence.

Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Your employees need a leader, not just a boss. Set leadership goals that are focused on what you should be doing for your employees rather than what they should be doing for you. Follow the acronym READ: Respect, Expectations, Advancement and Development.

  • Show your employees you respect them by recognizing the challenges they face and telling them you appreciate their hard work.
  • Set clear expectations for job performance and customer service. The more clear you are with your expectations, the more likely employees are to exceed them.
  • Provide opportunities for advancement. Set employees on a path for career progression that leads to a promising future in our industry.
  • Employees are an investment in your company, so treat them that way. Develop their skills through effective training every day.

Develop Effective Training Plans

As a manager, to have a successful training program you must have clearly defined goals. When you have well thought-out training objectives, it will show in how your employees treat your customers and, in turn, how your customers feel about your operation. Follow these steps:

  • For every aspect of every position, answer this important question: “Why am I doing this?”
  • Identify performance gaps and determine the best training to fill those gaps.
  • Put a plan for long-term training success in place with on-the-job-training and mentoring.


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