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Ask any business manager how things are going these days, and the answer will probably include the word “busy.” But what does that really mean? Busy with customers? Busy with operational tasks? Busy training staff members? Managers have many responsibilities, and it’s not uncommon for them to become overwhelmed by too many to-dos and not enough time in the day to get them all done. Something has to give.

You can give your managers the gift of time through streamlining their most common and time-consuming tasks. Just as technology has made things like inventory and bookkeeping easier, it can also significantly reduce the time your managers spend on employee training. Training techniques delivered through technology eliminate hours upon hours of time managers must spend on training.

Training Techniques – Then

As an example, consider the training topic loss prevention. Without online learning, a manager will take time away from other duties to sit down with employees and talk about what loss prevention is and why it’s important. Some employees may get a full presentation from the manager, others may only get a short overview. There may be some handouts available, or possibly even a video. The manager won’t likely have the time to guide employees through those materials, though, so they’ll be left to figure it out on their own. Some employees will understand and apply the material easily. Some will get it in theory, but not in practice. Others will miss the message entirely. The manager thinks the training is done, but in reality, very little actual learning has taken place.

Training Techniques – Now

With the advantage of an online learning management system, the training process is streamlined. Using a user-friendly dashboard, the manager assigns the Loss Prevention course to the employees who need it. They take the guided training course with learning checks along the way. At the end of the course, employees take an assessment to help ensure mastery of their new skills. Back at the administration dashboard, the manager can quickly monitor the training process. What may have taken hours of the manager’s time in the past, now takes minutes. And as an added bonus, employees have all received the same training with a consistent message.

Manager’s Role in Training

Online learning, when used correctly, doesn’t eliminate the manager’s training responsibilities. Instead, online learning shifts the manager’s focus from delivering training to managing knowledge. With the time managers save, they can focus more on their primary responsibilities of achieving higher level company goals.

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