Basics of Suggestive Selling Series

Module Overview

“Working at the counter is the perfect place to engage customers. When the customer comes to check out, consider what the customer is purchasing and if you can suggest something that will benefit them, do it.”

Suggestive selling is a sales technique that will increase sales and improve customer service in your convenience store. Employees throughout your store have many different opportunities to suggestively sell. In this online training series, employees will learn specific sales and service strategies such as suggesting add-on products, promoting special offers, recommending new products, and encouraging participation in loyalty programs. The series includes three modules:

  • Basics of Suggestive Selling at the Register
  • Basics of Suggestive Selling in the Aisle
  • Basics of Suggestive Selling at the Food Service Counter

All the modules include convenience store scenarios that show employees how easy it is to work suggestive selling into their everyday roles.