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How to Protect Your Customers from Digital Risks

Jun 18, 2019 | Leadership, Training

As technology changes the way we do business, it also changes the risks involved in doing business. A company faces digital risks from every angle, and studies show cyber threats are becoming more frequent and more costly. The more extensive your digital footprint, the more vulnerable you are. No company – and therefore, no customer – is safe from the risks of hacking, malware, or fraud.

The Formula for Successful Digital Security

Like any risk to your business, staying safe requires both prevention and response strategies. To prevent digital risks from infiltrating your systems, start with a review of your customer-facing processes. This includes credit card security procedures and anti-skimming protections. Then, follow the money. What path does a transaction take once it leaves your business? Supply chain vulnerabilities account for about 80% digital risks from data breaches. Constantly scrutinize your vendors for security practices. Even when you’re doing your best to prevent falling victim to digital risks, don’t wait for a breach to happen to have a plan for responding to it. You can minimize financial losses and salvage customer relationships if you respond to and resolve issues quickly and decisively.

Employee Training Mitigates Digital Risks

Your employees are either your greatest asset or your greatest adversary when defending against digital risks. Employee training can minimize threats to your company. Even the best employees can let cyber criminals into your organizations if they don’t know how to spot potential dangers. And just one disgruntled employee can do serious damage by intentionally exposing a digital vulnerability.

Beyond Data Breaches

Your customer’s personal information and your business’s financial data are not the only assets cyber criminals are looking for when they break into to your digital systems. They’re also looking for any intellectual property that might exist on your system.

Compliance Training

Online compliance training from RTO can help you prevent losses from digital risks and other threats to your company.

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