Most Common LMS Support Topics


Your learning management system (LMS) provides your employees with training that is up-to-date, flexible, and trackable. Your LMS support team can provide valuable resources and best practices for getting the most out of your LMS. There may be times when you’ll need to reach out to your support team for questions or assistance. However, many of the most common topics support teams deal with aren’t actually issues with the LMS. 

Most Common LMS Support Topics

The most common types of calls LMS support teams receive are often not issues with the LMS, but issues with related software or even user error. However, a good support team would be more than happy to assist you with any of these common support topics: 

  1. Forgotten Username/password: We all know what it’s like to enter a username and password, only to be told they’re not correct. You need passwords for everything these days, so it’s no surprise if they occasionally get mixed up. 
  2. Internet connectivity: Your internet connection has a large impact on your ability to access your LMS. If you’re having trouble getting pages to load, the issue could be with your internet, not your LMS. 
  3. Third-party integrations: Issues with any third party that transfers information into your LMS. The majority of the time, any issue with data coming into the LMS starts with the third party providing the information. 
  4. Out of date browsers: If your browser is out of date, it could impact the function of your LMS. Always make sure you’re running the most up-to-date version of your browser.  
  5. User error: Sometimes the user may be doing something incorrectly or just does not know how to do something within the LMS. 

Before Contacting Support, Consider…

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before contacting support: 

Is the issue with the software, hardware, or could this be user error?
The first thing you need to determine is if this is really an issue with your LMS provider, or could it be related to your computer, your internet, or is it just user error? If user error is caused by someone not understanding the steps to accomplish their task, you may still need support, but ask yourself the next question first. 

Are help guides available?
If the issue is related to user error because of a knowledge gap when using your LMS, see if there are help guides or tutorials available that can help train you or your users, so you’ll have a better understanding if this issue arises again. If there isn’t anything available, then it’s time to contact support and ask them to walk you through the steps.  

How do you contact support?
Your LMS provider may have many options available for contacting support – chat, email, phone, etc. Make sure you know which options are available to you, and which will be most helpful for the issue you are currently experiencing.  

What are the hours of availability for support?
If you are trying to call support or use a live chat feature, make sure you know what hours the support team is available so you know you can reach them. For issues outside their window of operation, they may offer an email or ticket submission option, though it may take a day or two for a response.  

Premium Support with trainingGrid® LMS

When choosing an LMS provider, consider the value of having a dedicated contact person within the company to whom you can reach out with any issues – whether or not they’re just user error. With trainingGrid® LMS, every client receives premium phone and email support, now featuring Sidekick, the latest tool in our support toolbox! Sidekick can guide users through the LMS so they can get where they need to go faster and teach them all about the latest features, functionality, and updates within trainingGrid®.    

Schedule a call today for more information on how Sidekick and trainingGrid® can help you implement your training program more effectively. 


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