Be a Leader, Not a Boss


When your employees see you coming, do they say, “Here comes help!” or “Here comes trouble!”? When an employee doesn’t show up for his shift, are you screaming at the other employees to pick up the pace, or are you rolling up your sleeves and pitching in to get the job done?

You set the work atmosphere as a manager and a leader–and your employees will follow that lead. Are you thanking them for their dedication, praising them for accomplishments and having tolerance for honest mistakes? If you treat your employees with hostility and indifference, how will they treat your customers?

People want to succeed. Nobody comes to work to fail. It seems obvious–so why do so many managers operate on the principle that if people aren’t watched and supervised, they’ll bungle the job? Once you have the right people in place, you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting the job done. Trust them to do their job as you are trusted to do yours.

Lay out concepts and ideas, but let your people execute them. Step back and allow them to own their work. Communicate your vision of an ideal store to your staff. Be sure everyone understands it. Above all, truly appreciate your employees. They can make you or break you.


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