Is Custom Online Training Right for You?


Online learning often falls into one of two categories: off-the-shelf courses or custom online training programs. Which one is the best option for your company? That’s a difficult question to answer, but the good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. One of the many benefits of online training is its flexibility. Take a look at a few of the options you have when considering both off-the-shelf courses and custom online training:

  • Off-the-shelf only. With this online training option, you choose from a library of training courses that apply to your business. Many companies that are new to online training start here.
  • Customization based on company identity. This level of training customization can be as simple as a video introduction from your CEO or an opening segment about how a specific topic relates to your business. You may want to implement this on a topic such as harassment prevention or other compliance topics as a way to demonstrate the importance of the subject matter.
  • Customization based on topic. Some training topics are better suited for online training than others. The same is true for custom online training. You may need a custom course for a topic that is very specialized in your line of work, but off-the-shelf courses may be just fine for general courses. Using a combination of both types of training is an effective and cost-efficient option for many businesses.
  • Complete customization. If you want every message that comes from your business to be specific to your vision and mission, complete customization may be right for you. Many businesses feel that creating a comprehensive program of custom online training is the best way to make sure employees can easily connect what they learn to their everyday jobs.

Your LMS Matters

Whether you decide to go with off-the-shelf training, a hybrid program that also includes custom online training, or complete customization, how that training is distributed has a great deal to do with its overall effectiveness. Online training is delivered through a learning management system (LMS). Choosing the right LMS is just as important as weighing the pros and cons of off-the-shelf versus custom training. You want a solution that not only engages employees, but also makes it easy for training administrators to assign, track, and assess course completion.

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