Best Practices for LMS Administration


Running your training through a Learning Management System has many benefits for learners and administrators. Be careful, though – while an LMS does streamline many functions of scheduling and tracking training, as an administrator there are risks to operating on auto-pilot. Follow these best practices for LMS administration to make sure you – and your learners – are getting the most from your online training program.

Look at Training from the Learner’s Perspective

LMS administration is handled from the back-end of a training program, which often looks very different from what learners see when they login. Spend some time going through the training from the learner’s perspective. This will help you answer questions, handle objections, and make improvements to team communications and the training itself.

Blend Online Training with On-the-Job Training

Online training is the foundation of learning, but it’s not an end-all. Adopting a blended learning strategy is the most effective way to ensure learners apply their training on the job. Adult learners retain more information when they read about a task, see it being done, and then do it themselves. With a multi-faceted approach, your LMS administration works hand in hand with managers and mentors.

Create Custom Learning Paths Tailored to Employees’ Goals

Training managers tie their LMS administration strategy to their overall training goals, but don’t make the mistake of stopping there. Work with employees to develop custom learning paths through your LMS. Not only will this empower employees to take control of their career paths, it will help you identify people with management potential.

Celebrate Training Successes

What gets rewarded gets repeated. One of the most valuable benefits of online training is your ability to track course completion and learner comprehension. Don’t leave that info in a report for only you to see. Work with managers to reward and recognize employees as they successfully move through their online training program.

Follow Up for Feedback

There is always room for improvement on all sides of LMS administration. Seek feedback from learners about how their training experience could be improved. This may uncover issues with training content, how the online training is rolled out to users, and general buy-in to the program.
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