Six Steps for Implementing a Successful DEI Program


Embracing diversity within your organization can benefit everyone involved. But what do the words diversity, equity and inclusion mean to you? And do they have the same meaning for your employees? Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training will help ensure everyone is on the same page. However, implementing a successful DEI program isn’t always easy.  

How to Implement a DEI Program Successfully

Implementing a DEI program within your organization is an important step to building a positive and inclusive company culture, but unfortunately many DEI programs fail for a number of reasons. Here are six steps for implementing a successful DEI program: 

  1. Include everyone: One of the first things to keep in mind when planning your DEI training program is that it shouldn’t just focus on lower-level employees. Everyone from entry-level employees to the C-suite should be included as part of the training program. Also be sure to tailor the training the position, so everyone can see how it applies to their role.
  2. Define DEI for your employees: Not everyone fully understands the concepts behind DEI, so you need to start with defining diversity, equity, and inclusion for your employees. Be sure to explain them in a way that is easy for them to understand.
  3. Frequently evaluate your program: A good training program should not be static. Make sure you’re frequently evaluating the training you’re offering and whether it is continuing to meet your needs. If not, see where it could be updated or improved. Set up feedback loops with your employees to get opinions as well. 
  4. Implement online training: Online training provides accountability as well as flexibility. It cuts down on the costs of classroom training and allows employees to fit the training into their own schedules. Online training through a learning management system (LMS) also allows you to track the employees’ progress, see how well they do on exams, and schedule the training to be assigned on a regular basis if needed.
  5. Customize your training: There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all training program. What works for DEI training at the business down the street may not be successful with your employees. Try to customize your training based on your business. Incorporate aspects of blended learning with your training – offer training modules reinforced with offline activities such as role-playing situations or individual  discussions on certain topics.
  6. Practice it yourself: Last, but most definitely not least, any successful training program needs buy-in from leadership, and DEI is no different. If your program is going to succeed, you and the rest of your management team need to practice what you preach. Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace and encourage your employees to embrace their differences and each other. Set the example you want your employees to follow.  

Online Training for DEI in the Workplace

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training presents clear information about DEI concepts for both employees and managers – delivered through our trainingGrid® LMS. This flexible system comes with a variety of robust features customizable to fit your needs in addition to built-in reporting and certification tools to help maintain compliance.  

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