Tracking Employee Training with Your LMS

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Designing and implementing an employee training program is just the beginning. To really gauge the success of that program, you need to be able to track and report on your employee training. Fortunately, your learning management system (LMS) comes with features designed to streamline that process.  

Tracking Employee Training Progress

Your LMS can make tracking the success of your employee training program much easier. Here are several ways your LMS can help your keep track of your employees training program: 

Efficient Data Collection: Your LMS streamlines the process of collecting and organizing training data by storing all training-related information in one accessible digital platform. This reduces the need for manual record-keeping, minimizing errors and saving time. 

Customized Reporting: With your LMS you can develop customized reports to track your employees’ progress. Build custom dashboards that give you quick access to the most important information or drill down into the data to provide you with insights into how your training program is working.  

Real-Time Monitoring: An LMS allows you to track and report on your training program in real-time. See how your employees are progressing so you can make adjustments if necessary. Employees are also able to see and track their own progress, which can increase motivation and engagement.  

Compliance and Certification Tracking: In addition to using the reporting features to track mandatory compliance training, you can take advantage of the storage in your LMS to maintain certifications. Ensure any legal requirements are met and reduce risk through accurate documentation within your LMS. 

Using the Data You Collected

Once you’ve collected your employee training data, the next step is deciding what to do with it. There are many ways you can use your data to improve your training program. Here are just five ways you can make your data work for you:   

Performance Analysis: Using your LMS reports, you can monitor and assess individual and group performance. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your employees and your training program, then use that knowledge to make improvements.  

Customized Training Plans: Monitor the success of employees’ custom learning paths with reporting in your LMS. Tracking their progress and noting skills gaps will optimize the learning experience and allow you to adjust the learning path where necessary.  

Feedback and Coaching: Real-time tracking and reporting allows you to provide timely feedback to employees. Where needed, you’re able to implement coaching and mentoring programs for skill enhancement. 

Strategic Decision Making: The data from your LMS can help you to make informed decisions about your training program, resource allocation, and future training investments. Use this data to align your training strategy with your overall organizational goals and employee needs.  

Recognition and Rewards: Tracking employee training progress allows you to recognize and reward them for their achievements. Motivate continued growth by acknowledging and celebrating progress. 

Simplify Reporting with HUBS for trainingGrid®

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