Why Every Small Business Needs a Learning Management System

Jun 26, 2018 | Training

If you think the benefits of a learning management system (LMS) are only reserved for businesses with hundreds of employees and large training budgets, think again. Businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of an LMS to streamline training efforts. In fact, small businesses may have even more to gain from an LMS.

5 Things Your Small Business Needs that an LMS Can Deliver

#1 – You Need Your Budget to Go Further

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re operating with many years behind you, you need to do more with less. Automating training efforts with an LMS helps you do this by minimizing the need for a full-time HR manager, live trainers, and loads of printed materials.

#2 – You Need to Deliver a Consistent Brand Message

For any small business, brand identity is paramount. You’ve likely worked very hard to establish your brand, and now it’s up to your employees to deliver on that brand. How do you make sure all your employees are on the same page? Online training ensures that every employee receives the same message about your company’s mission and vision.

#3 – You Need to Comply with Regulations

You can’t afford not to train your staff on compliance topics. Depending on your industry, compliance training is required by law in some instances and strongly encouraged in many others. When you use an LMS to deliver compliance training, you can track which employees took it, whether or not they passed, and when they need to be re-certified. Some compliance topics, such as anti-harassment training, may be available on a per-seat price if you’re looking to fill a training gap immediately and aren’t ready to commit to a full-scale LMS implementation.

#4 – You Need to Improve Customer Service

No one is affected more by your training program – or your lack of a training program – than your customers. When you use an LMS to deliver customer service training, you’ll ensure your employees have both the skills they need to serve customers and the mindset you want them to have when they do it.

#5 – You Need to Decrease Staff Turnover

With unemployment rates lower than they have been in years, holding on to good employees has never been more important. Training reduces turnover in any business. When your employees see that you’re willing to invest in them, their loyalty improves. An LMS allows you to create custom learning paths for employees to help them see what the future holds for them at your company.

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