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Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The only thing we can be certain of in this life is that we can be certain of nothing.” No matter what business you’re in, your success as a leader often depends on your ability to lead your staff through uncertainty and change. A scalable training solution can help you do just that.

What Is Scalable Training?

The Training Industry defines scalability “as an organization’s ability to handle a large increase or decrease in users, workload, or transactions without undue strain.” With scalable training solutions, you’ll be able to quickly adapt to outside changes, such as compliance regulations or health and safety concerns, as well as inside changes, such as major shifts in your workforce or production capacity.

How e-Learning Facilitates Scalability and Adaptability

Taking advantage of the tools a Learning Management System (LMS) offers can help increase your flexibility when it comes to developing a scalable training solution. Here are a few features of an LMS can that improve scalability:

Training dashboards: Helps users see where they stand with their training and easily jump into the next assigned module.

Learning paths: Allows you to create automated learning paths based on job roles that can be easily updated when necessary.

Easy course assignment: Easily assign training to be taken again as annual refresher training or after failed compliance checks.

Automated scheduling: Schedule certain training, such as harassment or other compliance topics, to be automatically assigned at regular intervals.

Document library: A place to store certifications and documentation for quick reference. Documents can be easily updated and replaced.

Custom training: Upload your own custom online training that can be modified and updated whenever needed.

How to Improve Scalability With Custom Microlearning

An LMS also supports scalable training solutions by allowing you to put out new content quickly, including custom microlearning courses that convey critical changes to your business strategy or processes. Microlearning modules are short, easily digestible modules that maintain employee focus. When used as part of a comprehensive learning management strategy, custom microlearning modules can be beneficial to training and knowledge retention. The shorter custom modules would also be easier for your organization to update in order to maintain accuracy and relevancy.

How to Increase Engagement Within Scalable Solutions

The scalability of e-learning is part of what has made it a popular option for employee training programs. Many organizations have made the mistake of viewing it as a “one-size-fits-all” option that lacks the personalization instructor-led training can offer. However, scalable solutions are most effective when you make the effort to personalize them. When you implement scalable training as part of a well-developed blended learning strategy that includes on-the-job job training, mentoring, and role playing in addition to modular learning, you increase employee engagement and knowledge retention.

Scalable Training With trainingGrid

Discover scalable training solutions with trainingGrid™. Its intuitive design makes learning management simple and allows employees to begin training with just a click. This flexible system comes with a variety of robust features customizable to fit your needs in addition to built-in reporting and certification tools that track your compliance documentation.

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