The Role of Learning Management Right Now


It seems as though no part of our lives has gone untouched by the current healthcare crisis impacting the nation and the world. Businesses are facing a myriad of different scenarios right now, many of which involve how they train and inform their employees. Take a look at how the role of training and learning management has adapted for different types of businesses.

Essential Businesses – Virtual On-boarding

Many essential businesses, from grocery and convenience stores to online marketplaces to telecommunications providers, are adding staff members in large numbers right now. With traditional on-boarding of new hires in groups not a safe option, these businesses must get employees up to speed through some form of online training. Even in such crazy times, companies cannot afford to skimp on important compliance training, human resources guidelines, and skills building.

Reduced Traffic Businesses – Developing Skills for the Future

Other businesses, such as hardware stores and auto repair shops, are open for essential business but experiencing reduced traffic. Employees can use their downtime to use their online learning management system (LMS) to get caught up or ahead on their online learning paths.

Remote Workforce Businesses – Using their LMS in Creative Ways

For companies that have been able to move many of their employees to work remotely, their LMS is working overtime. In addition to a flurry of new course development to aid in implementing technology solutions, leaders are also using their LMS to keep their employees informed about the company’s response to the health crisis. By using the tracking functionality of an LMS, leaders and managers can make sure every employee receives important information.

Temporarily Shuttered Businesses – Planning for a Comeback

It may seem like businesses that have been forced to temporarily close would have no use for employee training programs right now, some are looking forward to how they can set themselves apart from the competition when they’re allowed to re-open. In an environment where the most creative are likely to survive, savvy operators are looking for any edge they can to stay afloat now and come back strong later.

Prior to the current crisis, the implementation of online learning and learning management systems was already happening at an accelerated rate. Now, its proving to be a critical tool in keeping employees informed and trained.

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